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10 Dragon Themed Gifts for Girls

by Nongirly

What’s the one thing that could possibly be EVEN COOLER than dinosaurs? Well DRAGONS of course! 

Majestic, fantastical, and mysterious creatures, dragons make an appearance in many popular children’s stories. In songs like Puff the Magic Dragon, movies like How to Train Your Dragon, and books like Eragon, dragons are painted in a light of mystery and fantasy, which only increases kids’ curiosity about these beautiful yet dangerous beasts. While many of these stories revolve around male heroes, the intrigue doesn’t start and end with boys. Girls love dragons too, and the rest of the world has a little catching up to do. Thankfully, in March of 2021 Disney’s new movie Raya and the Last Dragon premiered, featuring a female protagonist who goes on a quest to find the last dragon and protect it! Since it’s release, the admiration for dragons has only grown, along with the desire of young girls to find toys and clothes that represent their interests! 

Don’t worry, we’ve taken on the task for you and have found some of the best dragon themed gifts for young girls you can get today! 

We’ve made sure to include some great options, but if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in the list below, make sure to check out our catalog of nongirly gifts here

10 Dragon Themed Gifts for Girls 

While brands have certainly become more aware of the interest girls have in wearing more diverse and what would once be considered “boyish” clothing, this line of thinking doesn’t seem to extend to the bathing suit industry, which remains largely the same and distinctly segmented between girls and boys. 

For girls who are looking for less flowers, stripes, or pastels and more sharks, dinosaurs, or cars, on their swimwear, they don’t have many options (unless they head over to the boys section, that is). Similarly, it’s rare to find many long sleeve swim shirts, full coverage swimwear or swim trunks in the girls and women’s section of traditional retailers. 

Whether she’s interested in something more full coverage, something looser and easier to play in, or something that just has a really cool design like you see in the boys section, we have great options for it all! We’ve searched far and wide to find 10 of the best swimwear options for nongirly girls, girls looking for swimwear that’s empowering, and girls who want swimwear made with their best interests in mind. 

We’ve made sure to include some great options, but if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in the list below, make sure to check out our catalogue of nongirly bathing suits here. 

10 Swimsuit Ideas for Nongirly Girls 

One pieces 

  1. Ollie and Squish: Kingyo Swimsuit 

For the beach babe who can’t seem to get enough, this adorable one piece from Ollie and Squish will let your little one play in the sand and waves all day long! It’s fitted with shorts for comfort, offers UV 50+ sun protection, and fits sizes 3 month to 6 years. 

  1. The Primary: One Piece Rash Guard in Rainbow Dot

There’s so much to love about this polka dot one piece from The Primary! Sustainably made and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality material for your nongirly girl! It also offers UPF 50º protection and has a size range extending from 2-3 year olds all the way to 12 year olds. 

  1. Target: Girls’ Wonder Woman One Piece Swimsuit – Red

Who ever said superheroes aren’t real? She’ll be the strongest and most powerful swimmer of the season with this wonder woman inspired swimsuit from Target! The fabric offers UV protection from the sun at UPF 50+ and it comes in girls sizes XS, S, M, and L. 


  1. Patagonia: Girls’ Baggies™ Shorts

A fun take on classic swimwear, these swim shorts by Patagonia have a looser fit and an elastic waistband to allow for lots of movement and fun beach activities! It’s made from recycled materials and comes in 6 colors and prints, fitting girls size XS – XXL. 

  1. Girls Slim Soft Elastic Waistband Swim Shorts

These shorts from Landsend have comfort in mind with their soft elastic waistband and stretchy fabric. They have pockets, a bikini liner on the inside, and offer UPF 50 protection. They come in four different colors and are available in slim and plus sizes as well, fitting girls anywhere from 2-3 years old to 14-16. 

  1. Athleta Girl Cannonball Short

These midrise, drawstring shorts from Athleta come in nine unique patterns and colors, all perfect for a summer swim! The drawstring helps tailor them to your liking and their lightweight feel makes it easy to move around and play in the sun all day! They also have built in briefs, a back pocket, and come with a hair tie! Sizes range from girls XS – XXL. 


  1. Tea Collection: Short Sleeve Rash Guard

For girls that love the freedom of a two piece but the coverage of a rash guard, this dolphin swim shirt from Tea Collection is the answer! It offers UPF 40+ protection and has a size range extending from 2 all the way to 12. As a bonus, Tea Collection donates 10% of its profits to children’s charities. 

  1. BodenUSA: Long-Sleeved Rash Guard

For a long sleeve option and even more coverage from the sun, BodenUSA is keeping it fun and fresh with this colorful and comfortable rashguard! It comes in funky styles like Multicolor Camo and Hotchpotch Coral and offers UPF 40+ protection. Sizes range from 2-3 year olds to 13-14 year olds.

  1. TFJH E Girls & Boys Long Sleeve Rashguard Swimsuit

As a more affordable option, these rash guards available on Amazon have a gender neutral design, with options available for short or long sleeves! They come in a variety of colors and prints, offer UPF 50+ protection, and have sizes ranging from 3-4 toddler to 11-12 youth. 


  1. Company Cotton™ Dino Hooded Towel – Dino

For our tenth item on the list we had to include this adorable hooded beach and bath towel from Company Cotton! Made with 100% cotton this towel is wildly cozy, covered in colorful dino scales, and can even be monogrammed with her name! 

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