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3 Ways to Ensure Your Teen Doesn’t Lose Passion for Her Future

by Nongirly
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What do you do if you see your teen starting to lose passion for her future? It could feel like a crisis is about to happen! As a parent, you want your teen to be successful. This includes helping her envision a bright future and ensuring she has a passion for life. Her current passions may include something outside of the box, but so what? That is what makes her amazing! You still want to be able to validate her passions, support her, provide parenting tips as she considers her future. Follow the below tips to ensure your teen doesn’t lose her passion for her future.

Encourage Her Interests

Does your daughter like doing stand-up comedy? Creating origami for her friends? Crocheting stuffed animals? You know that your daughter is unique, which may mean that she has different interests from other girls her age. Maybe she feels separate from other girls and could be hesitant about embracing who she is and what she likes. Encourage her unique interests and allow her to explore them! Maybe she is really interested in learning to paint and has a goal to attend art school. Get her some paints, encourage her to research art programs and what those students’ futures look like, and really get her thinking about how this unique passion can show up in real life. Let her know that being different is what makes her special, even if she struggles to find a like-minded group of friends. 

Have Her See Her Future in Action

Does your teen want to be a designer? Does she want to go to become an emergency medical technician and go to EMT school? Help connect her with people who are already living this future. See if a local tailor shop will let her shadow for a week. See if she can meet with a current EMT to learn more about their day-to-day work. Does she have a dream school? Try to plan some time for a mother-daughter road trip so she can visit the campus and see if she can envision herself there. Helping to put her in someone else’s shoes who has a future that she dreams about can help her keep finding her passion. We cannot be what we cannot see, so help her see it!

Let Her Know She Is Not Alone

If your daughter is starting to lose passion for her future, she may begin to feel stuck and alone. However, it is important to remind her that she has the choice: to change her next step, change her career goals, and generally change her situation to bring her more happiness. She has control, even when she feels stuck! Remind her that these feelings are temporary. Help her focus on her support group and remind her of your presence and guiding hand in her life while allowing her to choose what her future will look like. As a nontraditional girl, she may already feel like an outsider or alone in situations, so it will be crucial to continue to be present in her life while she is navigating her passion for life.

Want More Tips?

If you are searching for more parenting tips, whether it is on helping your teen find her passion for life or helping her cope with various emotions, turn to Nongirly’s parenting blog. Here, we provide tips for parents who are working their hardest to guide their daughters to a successful life. More specifically, we help nontraditional girls be the best version of their amazing but different selves, and we help parents keep that attitude, too. Every parent struggles to help their kid – embrace the messiness and let us help you with some useful parenting tips! You will be able to help your unique daughter thrive and keep her passion for her future. 

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