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5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Nongirly Girls

by Kate Wight

My daughter is nine, and until recently, she had never managed to spend a full night in her bedroom. Even though I would stay with her until she fell asleep, she would invariably shuffle into our room within a few hours. For awhile we would let her crawl into bed with us, but she’s an unrepentant kicker and blanket stealer. So I would end up going back to her room until she fell back asleep. Ultimately, the whole family ended up sleep-deprived and unhappy.

But over the holiday break, we made a discovery. When we set up a blanket fort in the living room, she felt safe enough to sleep on her own all night. For a few weeks, we all enjoyed feeling well-rested. But we also didn’t want to completely give up our living room, either. So I started thinking – how can I recreate this safe environment in her bedroom? I’ll break that down, and then share some other innovative bedroom decor concepts for Nongirly girls.

How About Making a Fort?

So how do you set up a sturdy blanket fort that will stay up indefinitely? You’re going to need a solid frame. I ordered a full-sized loft bed that would give her ample space. In addition to the mattress on the top, I got another full-sized mattress to put on the floor underneath.  

The loft bed I ordered featured a metal frame, so I ordered matching metal curtain rings with clips. Then my daughter and I looked through several websites and selected decorative tapestries we could suspend from the clips. We enclosed the entire bottom of the bunk with colorful tapestries and suspended curtain lights along the back wall to create soft ambient light. Decorative elements like a colorful rug, paper star lanterns, and overstuffed floor pillows add to the casual, comfortable vibe.

For the final touch, I ordered a white metal etagere that coordinated well with the white metal bed frame. It’s the perfect place to store books and showcase decorative elements like her collection of crystals and agate slices. It also serves another purpose, but we’ll come back to that later.

Make It Goth.

What teenage girl hasn’t wanted to paint her walls black? I know my own mother and I had many clashes over this very concept. If your parents don’t quite share your creative vision, you might be able to present your case in a different way.

Parents are often leery of reaching for the black paint as they may believe it’s too hard to paint over in the future (which isn’t actually the case). They might also not want to commit to permanent changes if you rent your home. Peel and stick wallpaper can significantly change the style of your room, but it’s super simple to remove. This black-on-black damask wallpaper adds the dramatic darkness you crave but may be more palatable to the parents.

There are some other fun, nonpermanent touches you can layer into this redesign. This black acrylic plug-in chandelier is the perfect blend of edgy and elegant, while black crushed velvet bedding brings in some additional texture. 

Does She Like Cats?

Earlier I described how I turned my daughter’s room into an epic permanent blanket fort. But I didn’t mention a very specific logistical issue we encountered. We have two cats that love surveying the house from high ground. Sully very quickly figured out how to reach the top bunk (note: I actually have a video of him climbing the ladder by himself I’d be happy to include), but Inky is notoriously uncoordinated and would never be able to make it on her own. The stepped profile of the etagere bookshelf I selected also serves as the perfect pet staircase, so now she can ascend with ease.

If you’re as devoted to your cats as we are, you care about their comfort as much as you care about your own. This bedroom design accommodates your needs while also making allowances for your furry friends. Cats are generally attracted to small cozy spaces. Hiding in nooks and crannies can help them feel safer and less stressed. These multifunctional furniture items will serve practical and/or aesthetic functions for you, and cozy hideouts for them.

Besides a bed, nightstands are some of the most important pieces of bedroom furniture. This sleek minimalist nightstand is equipped with a plush cushion made to fit perfectly inside so it also serves as a cat bed. The clean lines and natural wood tone perfectly complement these interlocking hexagonal wall compartments that provide endless climbing fun for your feline roommate and this plush window seat that’s made for catnaps. This leaf-camouflaged cat tree provides more hiding and climbing opportunities while adding a pop of color to the neutral decor.

Harmonious Design for the Musically-Inclined

Billie Eilish famously recorded her groundbreaking debut LP in her brother/producer’s bedroom at their family home. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or simply someone who appreciates good music, you can incorporate your passion into your bedroom decor. 

Acoustic panels can really help you create the sound you need when recording your own music. But they aren’t necessarily known for being stylish. These 3D wall panels add a cool textural element to your bedroom while also improving your acoustics. 

You won’t need to completely cover your walls in acoustic panels to achieve your desired sound. That leaves you ample space to incorporate other music-themed decoration. Stringed instruments like guitars, basses, and even cellos can be displayed on your walls thanks to stylish hanging brackets, while framed records are a classic decorative element for obvious reasons. 

Reading Can Be Your Inspiration

Is settling in with a good book your idea of the perfect Friday night? Then you’ll love transforming your bedroom into a bibliophile’s haven. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are the ultimate dream for many book lovers, but that kind of design feature can be overwhelming in a small bedroom. These clever and covert invisible floating bookshelves offer a more streamlined book storage solution.
No reading retreat is complete without a comfy spot to curl up and read in. If you’re the handy type, you can build a stylish and functional bookshelf chair and customize the color and fabric to your taste. A cozy blanket printed with passages from your favorite book will keep you warm.

We hope that you found these bedroom ideas helpful. To see more content like this, please keep scrolling at Nongirly. At Nongirly, we want to build a community where we all help each other, so please leave a comment in our blog posts!

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