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5 Things to Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up

by Nongirly
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Life has many ups and downs. When things are good, you feel on top of the world, confident, strong, and happy. However, we know that if there are highs, there will eventually be lows, too. You might feel sad, frustrated, alone, or discouraged, especially if you are a nongirly girl who may feel like an outsider. When you’re stuck in these feelings, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to feel better. How do you cope with the lows and pull yourself out of that space? Here are five things to remember when you feel like giving up. 

Turn to Your Support Group

Who can you talk to when you are feeling down? Is it a parent, grandparent, or sibling? Maybe it is a close friend you know you can trust. If you are often feeling down, maybe you want to learn more about speaking with a trained professional, such as a therapist. Be sure that whoever you talk to, it is someone who you trust and who has your best interests at heart. It is important to lean on your support group when you feel like giving up. They can help you understand where your feelings are coming from and remind you of the positive things going on in your life. 

The Feeling Is Temporary

If you’ve experienced lows, you’ve experienced highs. You know that the up and down feelings are all temporary – eventually, with time and effort, you won’t feel so down anymore. Take a step back from the emotional aspect of feeling down and realize it is a temporary feeling that is part of life. The realization that life can turn around just might help you get through dark times. Think about other times you have felt down and reflect on those moments; they likely felt long-term and serious in the moment, but they have passed and you survived another day.

Remember Your Goals

Thinking about the goals you have – whether they are long term or short term – can help pull you out of your funk. For example, maybe you have a goal of trying to cook one new recipe per month. Trying to cook just one meal, and not focusing on the monthly goal, can help you feel better and more motivated for that goal, as well as your other life goals. Remembering long-term goals (such as having a certain career) can help you visualize a happy and successful future. For other ways to stay positive with your goals, look at https://www.nongirly.com/ for feminist gifts for yourself.

Others Have Dealt with This, Too

When you feel like giving up, you may also experience feelings of loneliness. At this point, it is important to look outward to see what others have done in this situation. It could be a conversation with a close family member, learning about a low that they experienced and what they did to overcome the feeling. Or, if you don’t want to share with a family member, you could research other successful people and learn about how they overcame various obstacles in their lives. Read or listen to something inspirational from another person who has experienced what you are experiencing. 

Believe in Yourself 

You are strong. Also, you are smart and capable. You will overcome this feeling of wanting to give up! Remember that you are all of these things and more. You may think to yourself, “I feel like giving up.” You may even feel you don’t know how to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a muscle that you can learn to flex! As you can read on our website’s blog, other nonGirly women have learned to believe in themselves

First, reflect on past successful and happy moments to remind yourself that you can do it. Think of the times where you felt down before and consider how you got past that feeling. By focusing on the positives, relying on your support group, and believing in yourself, you will be able to move past the feeling of giving up and instead experience feelings of positivity and happiness! Find more tips to help you find nontraditional gifts for girls, stay motivated, seek inspiration, and gain the strength to persist.

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