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A Guide to Picking the Right Outfits for Your Nongirly Daughter

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Step into girl’s clothing stores, and you’ll see rows and rows of pink, sparkly clothes. While there’s nothing wrong with obsessing over those two things, there are girls who prefer something different and unique.

Now, if you’re looking to spice up your non-girly daughter’s wardrobe with a new collection of clothes, there’s a chance the lack of clothing options is confusing you. Well, this doesn’t end up with stuffing only girly clothes in your not-so-girly daughter’s wardrobe. 

Let’s discuss easy ways you can find fashion-forward non-girly outfits to dress up your daughter:

Picking Fashionable Outfits for Your Non-Girly Daughter

Here we’ve rounded a couple of easy ways you can revamp your non-girly daughter’s wardrobe with clothes that match her taste in fashion:

  1. Don’t Forget the Comfort Factor

The first step of picking outfits for your children is ensuring it doesn’t lack the ‘comfort factor.’ It refers to ensuring your little one feels 100% comfy and can carry out day-to-day activities without any challenges. For this reason, before you purchase a dress, ask yourself:

  • Can my daughter climb, run, and sit properly in my chosen outfit?
  • Will she be able to enjoy occasions without ripping her clothes?
  • Can she reach the restroom without the risk of potential embarrassments such as staining their outfit?
  • Can she remove the chosen dress without extra assistance?  
  1. Find Skirts and Dresses that Reflect Your Daughter’s Interests

Finding skirts for your non-girly daughter can be a difficult task, but here’s the thing; not all skirts are hyper-girly.

Watch as your daughter’s face brightens with joy upon coming face to face with skirts and dresses featuring a plethora of diverse girl’s interests. From dinosaurs, rockets, sharks, robots, vehicles, STEM, and so much more!

  1. Get Solid Colored Overalls for an Androgynous Look

Overalls are gender-neutral, fashion-forward clothing items that your non-girly daughter will surely love to wear. You can oomph it up by picking the right layers of clothing to create a confident and bold look. 

Choose between a full-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirt and wear overalls over them. We recommend going for lighter colors like white, pastel green, light blue in the first layer. Next, pick an overall boasting darker hues like black, navy blue, mulberry, and whatnot. Pair the look off with lace-up trainers.

  1. Incorporate Florals into Non-Girly Dresses

More often than not, flowers are associated with femininity. However, that does not mean your little one can’t rock dresses boasting flowers while employing a non-girly sense of fashion.

Instead of purchasing puffy, pink frocks, you can opt for a flowery dress featuring an oversized A-line silhouette. Pair it up with a denim jacket and sneakers to accentuate your little one’s tomboyish look.

On the other hand, you can grab a dark-colored flowery shirt such as navy blue, black, maroon, and so on and pair it off with a denim or leather skirt.

  1. Find Jeans and Tights in Exciting Colors

Clothing brands love fabricating sparkly and glittery jeans alongside bright, pink tights. These are all things your non-girly daughter may want to avoid.

Army green jeans and denim blue are two popular options among non-girly girls. Other colors to keep in mind when buying jeans or tights are navy, black, grey, white, brown, green, and so on. If you want to balance feminine trends with masculine styles, you can grab denim jeans with floral patterns across them. Other than that, you may opt for unisex jeans.

  1. Accessorizing

Accentuate your daughter’s outfit of the day by selecting the right accessories. If your daughter picked a white shirt alongside a simple black skirt, wearing a pair of sunglasses will make her look stylish.

Moreover, you may purchase hats, scarves, watches, and other trendy accessories that your little one is sure to enjoy wearing.

Allow Them to Pick Their Outfits

Reaching the age of three and four kick starts your children’s journey of finding things they like, dislike, things they want, and don’t want. This means it’s time for you to allow your little one to pick their outfits. Here are few benefits of allowing your non-girly daughter to design her wardrobe:

  • Letting your kids pick their own outfits offers them an incredible opportunity to express their opinions and preferences. Moreover, it allows them to experiment with different styles and discover themselves.
  • Allowing kids to pick their outfits of the day encourages a strong sense of individuality within them. You help your kids develop decision-making skills by questioning what outfits they want to wear.
  • It’s no secret; there are days when getting your kids to wear clothes leads to tantrums. Giving your kids the liberty to choose their clothes puts an end to such arguments. Plus, it ensures your kids know they have a say in decisions about their life.
  • Finally, and most importantly, passing over the responsibility of choosing their own outfits is fun. Your kids learn new things about themselves, whereas parents get to watch their little ones grow up.

Top Non-Girly Brands to Consider

Conforming to strict gender stereotypes is a thing of the past. Present-day brands are introducing kids wear that are more gender-neutral. In turn, masculine girls and feminine boys express themselves in a healthy and appropriate manner. You can find a wide array of online and offline brands offering an appealing collection that suits your non-girly daughter.

Surprisingly, they are at times over-priced, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then why not rummage through some boy’s collection. You will be able to find something that perfectly matches your non-girly daughter’s taste and remarkably fit her body shape. Here, we have picked a few brands that will suit your pocket and your daughter’s liking:

  • Free to be Kids
  • Princess Awesome
  • Girls Will be 
  • Organic Zoo Romper
  • Quirkie Kids
  • Smarty Girl

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