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A Matter of Admitting Your Dreams to Yourself: NonGirly’s Guide

by Nongirly
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You have probably often heard the phrase, “Chase your dreams!” Maybe you have many dreams that you have thought about pursuing but you are afraid to admit them and try to follow them. There could be a variety of factors that are making you afraid of speaking your dreams aloud. But if you don’t speak them aloud, you won’t be able to reach them. So, what is preventing you from admitting your dreams?

Your Dreams Aren’t Clear

You may have different ideas and goals swirling around in your head, but because you have fears of where these ideas will take you, you have not taken the time to think about how those ideas can turn into your dreams. It will be hard to admit your dreams to yourself unless you take the time to solidify what they actually are. Remember, clarifying your dreams cannot hurt! It can only help you get you to your next step of chasing them.

You Are Afraid You Won’t Get Support

Maybe you think your dreams are too “out there” and that your family and friends won’t believe in your dreams the way you do. It can be scary to think about others’ reactions to what you want in life. However, you have to admit to yourself that you want to follow these dreams regardless of what other people think. You can always have a conversation with your friends and family to explain why you want to chase these dreams and why they are important to you. You also won’t know what others think until you share your dreams with them! They could be more accepting of you following your dreams than you realize. If you find that your friends and family are hesitant about your dreams, try to find like-minded people who have similar dreams to support you through your journey. 

You Lack Confidence

You might not want to admit your dreams because you are afraid that you will not be able to achieve them. Or, you do not want to risk failure because you worry that you might not be capable of following these dreams. If you lack confidence in yourself, you are already setting yourself up to not perform well. Change that mindset! Think positively and use positive self-talk such as “I can reach my dreams” and “I am strong and ambitious.” A positive mindset will be the first step to increasing your confidence in your ability to chase your dreams. 

Accept Yourself!

Working on admitting your dreams, and then beginning the journey to follow them, can be daunting. The biggest reason that many people are afraid to admit their dreams is that they do not accept themselves as they are. Maybe they do not feel like their dreams are achievable because they do not have the skills to chase them. It is important to learn how to accept yourself. Denying your reality, your wants, and your goals will only make things harder for you. Self-acceptance will go a long way in helping you follow your dreams! Believe in yourself and accept that your dreams are truly what you want. You do not know what you are capable of until you try. 

The first step in following your dreams will be to admit that you have these dreams. At Nongirly, we encourage girls and women of all ages to follow their dreams and reach their potential. We offer unique products and have an inspirational blog that can make you feel empowered, increase your confidence, and show you how to accept yourself. You can make the phrase “Chase your dreams!” a reality. 

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