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NonGirly’s Holiday Gift Guide: Best Book Series for Kids

by Nongirly
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As a kid, nothing’s better than going on an adventure in a whole new world! Don’t worry parents, no one’s in any real danger. We mean through the magic of reading!

This Christmas, why not give your kids a wonderful new book series to read? For centuries books have given kids, teens, and adults the ability to see the world through a whole new lens and experience things they never could’ve imagined! Sometimes in series like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games, readers are introduced to entirely new worlds, where the author can turn society into a dystopia or even make dragons and magic seem real.

Plus, encouraging kids to read has so many amazing benefits! It improves their language and cognitive skills, boosts their imagination and creativity, and helps them communicate better with others!

After talking with kids and teens who LOVE to read, we picked several amazing book series that will keep your kids engaged for hours on end! We made sure to select series for a wide range of ages, so whether you have a daughter just entering middle school or an avid high school reader, there’s something here for both.

Remember, if you like what you see below and would like to see more, check out the rest of the Nongirly Christmas Gift Guide here!

Now let’s get to reading!

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