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Creative Girls: How to Get Things Done and Achieve Your Goals

by Nongirly
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It is important that people know how to get things done and pursue challenging goals. Many people like to-do lists, sticky notes, and other commonly used tools. However, if you are on the more creative side, making a to-do list or using an online calendar may be too boring for you, which could lead to a decrease in interest in reaching your goals. At the same time, you may not be interested in traditional, ultra-feminine products if you are nongirly. What can you do if you are creative and want to use that creativity to create new things and achieve your goals? Read below to find out!

Use a Goal Chart

A goal chart is a visual way to keep track of the progress you are making toward your to-do list and bigger goals. This could be anything from, “drink 5 glasses of water per day” to, “study for math three times per week.” Amazon has a variety of goal/habit trackers, like this colorful one on which you can track multiple goals to help hold you accountable. Using a goal chart will help you see which goals you are reaching well and which areas you may need to focus on more.

Create a Vision Board

A vision board is simply a visual representation of your goals. This may be a better way to remember and reach your goals if you are creative and a visual person–instead of simply writing something down. Oprah Daily sees vision boards as something to guide the direction of your life. Nongirly has many other feminist gifts that could give you inspiration for what to include on your board. There are no rules for these; you can create your board however you want, adding words or pictures from magazines–as long as it relates to your interests and goals. You can refer back to your vision board when you need to feel inspired and refocus on what you are trying to achieve. 

Use a Daily Journal

Journaling is ideal for people who want to reflect on their actions and see how their actions align with their goals. However, for people who enjoy creative work, a simple notebook journal may not be engaging enough. Instead, use a creative goal journal. Websites like Etsy have a variety of products like this, from colorful monthly journals to journals that come with daily gratitude practices. Using one of these journals can be a creative way to keep track of your progress daily. 

Check out Pinterest

Social media can be a good way to find creative tools to track and reach your goals. Pinterest is one of the most creative and artsy social media platforms. It offers ideas for everything under the sun: cake decorations, bedroom DIY remodels, ideas for activities with friends, and more. Each section that you click on comes with a picture and more information if you want to use that idea in your life. Pinterest offers pages of ideas for “goal setting” (think printable worksheets, whiteboard ideas, and vision boards), “to-do lists” (colorful lists broken down by topic and more), and “motivational quotes” (more than we can count!) to help keep you on track. 

Completing projects and reaching goals is an important aspect of life. For creative nongirly girls who find a basic to-do list boring, there are a variety of ways to creatively keep track of and reach your goals. If you need inspiration on nontraditional women who have reached their goals, look no further than our blog of Nongirly News or check out our great selection of nontraditional gifts for girls. You can even combine some of the above ways: for example, you can use a goal chart with your vision board to have multiple, fun ways to make sure you get things done. Once you figure out what works best for you, stick with it to hold yourself accountable and achieve your goals!

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