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The Best Daughter Gift Ideas! Love, Mom

by Nongirly

Moms, we know how much you love your daughters. Every special moment shared, from seeing her open her first Christmas gift to driving her to her first day of High School — the bond you have with your daughter is like no other.  

Without doubt, there’s nothing quite like seeing your little girl grow up into a teenager and young woman right before your eyes and knowing you helped her along the way. Even when she’s driving you absolutely nuts, asking a million questions while you’re trying to work from home, sticking her fingers into the food you’re trying to cook for dinner, and making a mess in the living room with arts and crafts – you can’t help but love everything about her!

That’s why, this holiday season, at NonGirly, we think it’s important to have gifts coming straight from you and not from Santa to show her just how much you care!

No matter what age your daughter is, we have a great selection of recommendations for everyone! You can get matching wine glasses to have a fun movie night with your 25 year old, a heartfelt book that expresses how you feel to your angsty teen, or a charm necklace that your 8 year old will vow she’ll wear forever!

We hope you like what we’ve selected below and if you’d like to see more NonGirly holiday recommendations, be sure to check out the NonGirly Christmas Gift Guide for 2021!

Gifts for Her From Mom for Christmas 2021

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