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10 Gifts for Girls Who Love Art

by Nongirly

So, she loves art? Maybe she even wants to pursue an artistic career? 

How do you feel about your daughter pursuing an artistic career? Have you watched our interview with Corie Mattie, the LA Hope Dealer yet? Because you should. Corie Mattie waited until she was almost 30 to pursue her passion. Although it was difficult at times, now she’s thriving in her artistic career and doing what she loves every day. 

For the artists, the creatives, and the talented young girls who bring their visions to life everyday, it’s not impossible. And you don’t have to wait. You can start NOW. 

Parents, you can do your part by being supportive and giving your girls the tools they need to nurture and develop their gifts. For girls as young as 5 or 6, its beneficial to have art supplies easily accessible and to encourage them to engage in creative activities outside of school and sports. 

Nongirly put together a list of awesome gifts that all revolve around art and being creative. Inspired by artist Corie Mattie (The LA Hope Dealer) and her inspiring interview, there’s a fun mix of tees, hoodies, books, art sets and more! 

Whether they’re just getting started with their first drawing or are old enough to model their work after Van Gough, there are gifts for everyone! And if you like what you see and want to see more,, check out our catalog here

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