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Having a Bad Day? Here are Some Tips on Making Yourself Feel Better

by Nongirly
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So you had a bad day. Everything that could go wrong did, or maybe something happened that overshadowed the rest of the day. Either way, you are upset and looking for a way to feel better. We all have bad days from time to time. Taking care of ourselves lets us be ready to face tomorrow without today still hanging over us. 

Everyone has their individual rituals for ending the day, but sometimes we forget to form rituals that help us feel better, too. Instead of just giving up and putting yourself to bed early, try some of these tips on how to make yourself feel better when you are having a bad day. 

Drink Something

Water: drink water. Dehydration can cause headaches and a feeling of general unwellness. Even the mildest dehydration can alter your mood, so drink plenty of water. Your body will thank you. 

Making a hot drink creates the soothing feeling of following through with a ritual. Break out your favorite mug and make some aromatic tea. Let yourself get lost in the simplicity of the actions, then drink whatever you make slowly. Allow yourself to have a quiet moment feeling the heat spread through you, tranquility in every sip.

Timed Venting

Sometimes you just have to let it all out, but don’t dwell in that place for too long. Set a timer and permit yourself to vent. Talk to yourself, shout, journal; do what you must to remove all the nasty feelings from inside you. 

Once the timer goes off, restart it. This time focus on good things that happened during the day. Name things that made the day not feel quite so bad. Also, recognize that you are not defined by today’s events. Who you are as a person does not change just because the day went poorly. 

Invest in Someone Else

Giving your time and money selflessly to others creates contentment inside ourselves. Help your neighbor bring in their groceries, volunteer with local organizations, or donate to a worthy cause. Taking the focus off of you and taking care of other people allows you some time to get out of your head and the angst swirling around in there. 

Research shows that there is a direct correlation between volunteering and happiness. People who volunteer are generally happier and healthier. Helping others gives you a sense of purpose and responsibility for something outside yourself, something most humans need to feel happy in their lives. 

Invest in Yourself

Allow yourself a moment of self-indulgence. Light a candle with your favorite scent, take a bath to soothe your muscles or exercise to release some endorphins. Make sure to do something that makes you laugh. Take some time to care for yourself and your mental health needs. 

Some people are afraid that investing in yourself can be seen as selfish, but this is not so. Self-care isn’t selfish but is a necessary part of our week that allows us to unwind and release some of the stress we are carrying around in our muscles. 

Allow Yourself to Cry

Ever had a good cry and felt better afterward? Emotional tears have a unique chemical makeup that scientists believe helps release pent-up tension in the body and eliminate accumulated chemicals in the brain. Basically, an occasional cry is good for you. 

Suppressing your emotions is not good for your mental health. Your body is designed to release tension in the least harmful ways. Crying is a safe, healing, action that will allow you to let go of some of that stress caused by your bad day

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