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Nongirly’s Holiday Gift Guide: Kids’ Crafts that Don’t Suck!

by Nongirly
Crafts that don't suck

Out here on the World Wide Web there are thousands of options if you’re looking for crafts for kids. And in those thousands of options, you’d think there’d be few good ones. You’d think.

Being a parent means that a pretty good chunk of your hard earned money goes toward your kids. And as much as you love them, you probably don’t love when their toys and crafts turn out to be total junk. They spend ten minutes making them, make a huge mess in the process, and then you end up tossing them in the garbage.

So, parents, are you officially done with buying crafts that SUCK? Good, because we are too.

We believe every purchase you make should be a great one. That’s why we’ve done the proper research and talked to real parents with nongirly daughters to find high quality craft projects that will not only keep them engaged, but also be something they want to keep! Everything recommended below has been tried and tested by real girls, so that we can honestly say these crafts do not suck and would make for wonderful Christmas gifts this holiday season!

We hope you love these craft ideas as much as we do, and if you’d like to see more Nongirly holiday gift recommendations, be sure to check out the rest of our Nongirly Christmas Gift Guide for 2021!

Crafts Projects For Kids That Don’t Suck 

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