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How to Find Your Path When You Have Multiple Passions

by Nongirly
Young people who found their path in college

You’ve likely been told, “You can do anything,” and, “The sky’s the limit,” but with so many possibilities, the question of, “Which path is right for me?” starts popping up early on. You may even question this before you’re old enough to have a job. Fear not; as overwhelming as it can be, finding your path is possible, and gets easier once you choose to take a step in…any direction.

Don’t Be Discouraged by Too Many Options

The idea of happiness is directly linked to finding the perfect profession that’s fulfilling and enjoyable, and that adds a ton of pressure on any young person who’s still figuring out what they want. Despite the idealization of ‘choice’, people are often discouraged by too much of it. 

Instead of choosing one of many doors to walk through, many people fear the wrong choice and walk through none. To find your path, you need to walk through as many doors as possible. Each new path behind these doors will help to further you in your pursuit of finding your purpose. 

Explore Every Corner

Many people who invest themselves into their artistic passions may have been unfairly told to stop daydreaming, that they should focus on a passion that will lead to a “real job”. No matter what your passions are, you should explore them, especially if it’s something you really love and enjoy. Being multi-passionate and exploring those interests can give you an advantage over those who only have one specialty, helping you stand out.

Each new door you choose to walk through gains you a key to a different skill set, which very likely could overlap into the career you eventually decide on. The more skills you have, the more likely you are to find your path among your passions, and even able to integrate multiple passions into a career you love. 

Finding Your Purpose Among Your Passions

Remember that passion and purpose are two different things. Passion is about emotions, and is created by your thoughts and feelings—what makes you feel good. Purpose is the reason—what we get up in the morning for. Clarity is gained by engagement, so to integrate the two, all you have to do is decide that you will. 

Start taking action to find your path, and you will do so. Here are some tips to get you going.

1. Ask yourself, “What don’t I want to do?”

Instead of overwhelming yourself by asking, “What do I want to do with my life?” start off by crossing things off your list and closing doors you know you don’t want to explore, and the things that matter more will become more apparent.

2. Ask yourself, “What would I regret not doing?” 

Think of it like a bucket list for passions. Every passion you decide to explore will take you down another path in life, and likely open new doors. If there’s something you’re doing that isn’t on your list, that’s time you could be spending doing something you love instead.

3. Failure is a great teacher; don’t fear it.

The fear of making a wrong decision can hold back the best of us, and the truth is no decision is “wrong” unless you decide it is. Failure allows for growth, getting to know yourself better, and learning from our mistakes. When you fail at something, you can direct your attention to the next thing. 

4. Allow yourself to be passionate about multiple things. 

Some of the most successful people are those who have brought their multiple passions into their work. Two people may share the same passion, but every additional passion you have makes you differ uniquely from someone else. You may find that your passions have similarities and you can bring them together, or that you are more interested in one over the others and you want to explore it more.

5. Stay positive and keep moving

Even if you aren’t doing what you’re passionate about right now, dedicate yourself to the process and do your best. When we approach life with a positive attitude, exhaustion is less likely and every day presents opportunities to practice for what our purpose is. Look to those who support you no matter what, and if you’re feeling discouraged, reach out. 

Nongirly fully supports passionate teens and their parents who have everything to add to the world—so that it can be a better, more diverse place where girls and women can express themselves however they choose. More specifically, we offer support and a community to help impassioned teens express themselves and reach any height they set out for, and to offer parents tips to help them along. 

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