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My Daughter Is “Weird”, and I Love Her Because of It

by Nongirly
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As a parent, there may come a time when you wake up, look at your kid, and realize “Oh wow – my kid is one of the weird ones, isn’t she…”. So, you have a weird daughter. So what? You love her exactly as she is, uniqueness and all. However, she may feel different from the other girls her age or may find it harder to find friends. How can you teach her that it’s okay to be different while also helping yourself recognize the same thing for her? 

Embrace Her Weirdness

She may feel like an outsider at school, struggle to find a good group of friends, or not share similar interests with many other people her age. She may have been called “weird” in a bad way at school or with classmates. Flip this script! Work with her to embrace her weirdness and help her see it as something positive. Help her explore her unique interests, and maybe try taking them on as a hobby of your own so you can connect with her. Remind her that she’s not weird – she just has different qualities that make her who she is. It is important that you do not try to change her, otherwise she will think that you do not love her as she exists. Remind her that although she may feel different from society, it is okay to be different and her difference is her gift that she brings to the world – you love her for all that she is.

Teach Her To Be and Think Independently

In today’s society, we judge those who are too different, too outside the societal box that we have created, or too alone. We assume there is something wrong with them. But, if this sounds like your daughter, it is time to help her recognize that that’s not the case! Show her other cool, independent thinkers who broke from society’s norms to follow their passions and reach their unique goals. Help her see that while society may have certain expectations, humans created society and can therefore change it too! She is not obligated to feel the need to fit in. Allow her to be content as an independent being and out-of-the-box thinker. Your weird girl may see the world in an entirely different way from her peers, but she will have a beautifully unique perspective on life because of this. Dare her to be different and see the benefits she will reap in her life! 

Give Her Inspiring Content

You may see your daughter frequently turning to social media when she is feeling bored or lonely. Unfortunately, most people on social media are working their absolute hardest to fit in. Regular social media apps may discourage her from wanting to be her natural, weird self, and could cause her to feel low self-esteem or try to hide parts of who she truly is in order to look like what she sees on her screen. Try giving her some better content! At Nongirly, we are proud to support the unique, weird, nontraditional girl. We offer a wide variety of products that these types of girls may enjoy. More importantly, we have a blog of inspirational and uplifting stories that your daughter can read and feel connected to, whether it’s learning about how to not feel lonely or reading about a unique career path taken by a bold woman. For parenting tips in learning how to support your weird daughter, turn to our parenting blog. We show daughters and parents alike that it is okay to be different and to embrace that difference. You can be who you truly are when you dare to be different!  

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