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Talk Down To Me

Follow two NONGIRLY women with a 30 year age gap as they start a business and talk about things that matter. With the goal of acceptance in mind, Reva and Nicole must talk through some of the most relevant issues facing women today to transform their new startup NONGIRLY into a success. NONGIRLY’s mission is to build a community in which uniqueness is celebrated by setting girls free from being all the things girls they are "supposed" to be so that they can just be themselves. Follow the journey as Reva and Nicole discuss the ins and outs of business, relationships, life challenges, stereotypes, and more, and watch NONGIRLY become a success or a successful failure. Nicole is a 22 y/o college graduate from UT Austin with a degree in Communication and Leadership. Reva is a soon to be 50 y/o non-recent graduate of UT Austin who left her 10 year corporate job at Dell to become a successful franchisee for Edible Arrangements. In 2020 she sold her last of 7 franchises (after 15 years) and in 2021 started NONGIRLY.
Founded in Austin, Texas

Season 2 – Talk Down to Me


Season 2 Episode 17

More and more people are starting to question the wisdom of jumping right into an expensive 4-year university path right after high school, when most young people have no clue what direction they want to take yet.

Today Reva and Nicole talk about their experiences with college and feeling the pressure of picking a major and a career path. They are both communication majors but they arrived at those decisions differently and have had vastly different experiences living it out. We wonder how high schools students are being prepared for college and how they are being advised when it comes to big decisions.

Would our lives really be more fulfilled if we all made our passions our careers?

How effective is taking a gap year toward identifying our passions early in life?


Season 2 Episode 16

What is your relationship with money? How do you feel about money? Today Reva and Nicole welcome Cassy to the podcast to join them for a conversation about money management. They are especially focusing on what millenials understand about money. They are diving into real estate, college debt, savings accounts, investing and spending. 


Season 2 Episode 15

Reva gives us a peak into her home life, sharing what it’s been like over the past 18 months and especially these last few weeks. Recently, her son was sick with a fever, her husband was out of town, she needed to quarantine, test her son for COVID, (which he didn’t have, thank goodness) and continue to run her start up, often leaving Nicole and Cassy to figure things out on their own and/or wait days for Reva to be available to respond. It’s been a lot to handle. How are you dealing with the added stresses from COVID? Let us know!


Season 2 Episode 14

After the recent headline that Jamie Spears intends to step down from his conservatorship over Britney Spears, Reva and Nicole decided to discuss the way news outlets portray celebrities and other information to the public. They also go back about forth about which news sources are the most trustworthy, the gender disparity between the way hosts interview males vs females, and the power dynamic of live interviews.
Of course, the Britney Spears situation is shedding a lot of light on the difference between the “news” of 20 years ago and “news” of today.

Where do you get your news? Do you consider major news outlets to be more or less credible than smaller unscripted sources? And, are they as unscripted as they seem?


Season 2 Episode 13

We hear that we can’t love others until we first love ourselves, but what does it mean to love yourself? 
Today Reva and Nicole talk about how strongly your identity, especially the way you feel physically in your body and about your body, impacts you mentally and emotionally. So, tangible and health-related actions where you are taking care of your body will give you momentum. These positive changes that you make should be baby steps. Just do one thing at a time. 
It’s also important to notice if you are the kind of person who craves companionship and being surrounded by friends or if you are the kind of person who is content to be alone. Obviously, neither type is better than the other, but we all do need to develop the ability to be comfortable being alone. This is a component of loving yourself because you’ll learn to be happy without the external admiration of others. 



Season 2 Episode 12

Who doesn’t want to see more representation, diversity, and inclusion in the media? In this episode of Talk Down to Me, Reva and Nicole discuss the recent Sports Illustrated runway show and whether or not using more body diversity and cultural diversity in the images promoted online is really enough. Using examples from Nicole’s middle school and high school experience, she also talks with Reva about how to teach children kindness, challenge bullies, and how parents can create a diverse environment for their kids at home. 


Season 2 Episode 11

Is our problem that we have too many options? Particularly in dating, do we just have so many potential people to get to know that no one can commit? “If they wanted to, they would.” Instead of focusing your energy on the other person, what they think, what they like, and why they aren’t calling – focus on yourself. Do fun and interesting things!


Season 2 Episode 10

Dispelling so many outdated stereotypes today. Reva and Nicole analyze female character types in movies and tv shows to hone in on what exactly has been unhelpful and why. A real, healthy relationship has shared control, two people who love themselves, a safe timeline, and good examples to follow.



Season 2 Episode 9

Rejoining the conversation about OnlyFans.com, Reva and Nicole discuss why young people believe they are more likely to achieve success in unconventional ways. College students and teens feel pressure to find instant success. Everywhere they look they see examples of young people becoming rich and famous, seemingly overnight. This leads them to spend their time and energy doing “gig work” instead of just investing in a career path.


Season 2 Episode 8

Have you heard of OnlyFans.com?  Nicole explains that OnlyFans.com is a platform that allows people to charge a fee for others to view their content. Sometimes the content is explicit, and sometimes it’s not. Reva and Nicole discuss the implications of this kind of exposure.


Season 2 Episode 7

The best defense against all of our negative body image issues is positive self talk. Reva explains how to practice an internal dialogue that is affirming and healthy. Parents modeling confidence and functional family behaviors in the home is a very enriching thing for kids. It’s less about what role models directly say to children and more about what they do and how they act.



Season 2 Episode 6 

How you feel about your body is a big deal. (Well, that’s the understatement of the year.) The media gives girls an impossible standard to compare themselves to. And, if girls feel insecure about their bodies, they’ll soon face any host of challenges. Nongirly wants to help provide examples of diverse body types and diverse women just smiling and having fun!



Season 2 Episode 5 

Where’s the line between parents sharing lessons and advice with their children and parents projecting onto their children? When it comes to how teens and young adults present themselves online, parents may feel compelled to weigh in heavily, and rightly so, because their maturity and wisdom are incredibly valuable. Parents might want to choose their words and battles carefully, however, to allow their child space to be who they are. Having grown up with social media part of their identity, do young adults have the perspective to see the long game with what they write, share, say and post?



Season 2 Episode 4

Setting your own identity is part of crossing over into adulthood, but with parents’ eyes and ears trained on you, it can be easier said than done. Reva and Nicole try to figure out how grown children and parents can strike a healthy balance when it comes to individual identity. There will come a time when parents have to relinquish control over their children, but if they are smart, they can still play their influence card to help guide their growing children through some of the dangers and pitfalls they’ll face. Wise children will ask for advice. Wise parents will sit back a minute and watch their child’s actions play out. These issues are very sensitive and not to be taken lightly. We’re talking about differing opinions, posting drinking pictures on social media, sexting and promiscuity. Remember, care and respect in the parent/child relationship should be the priority. Parents and children need to hear each other.




Season 2 Episode 3

This one is for all you default parents out there. You know who you are. Gender roles in parenting tend to lean toward mothers doing the lion’s share of the work. And this pattern will continue unless we start raising observant and independent sons and well-spoken and diplomatic daughters. This should be one of the first big conversations you have when you get into a relationship. Talk about love languages and division of labor expectations. Better yet, go look at the guy’s refrigerator, at the guy’s bathroom. Reva and Nicole zoom in on how to resolve this family dynamic issue.


Season 2 Episode 2

In this dating app/post-vaccine world, how are women currently navigating relationships? Bar hopping might have taken a hit during quarantine, but it will be back, so how can women build relationships that serve them? Reva and Nicole talk about better ways to meet new people, and even more importantly, know who you are looking for. Side note, you can use the Law of Attraction all day long, but it won’t work if you aren’t feeling good about who you are, so that should come first!



Season 2 Episode 1

What is online dating like these days? It’s complicated. But, what we can say for sure is that online dating is rough on self-esteem. Filtering is rough and validation is tricky, so what can we do to prepare and protect ourselves? Reva and Nicole share their dating experiences and Reva tells her take on the best way to meet people.

Season 1 – The Startup Journey



Season 1 Episode 11

We’re bringing you a business episode today where we share what’s going on with our start-up. We’ve been working on creating video content to share the spotlight with some real-life Nongirly women. We have hired journalists who really understand our mission and they’ve written stories and conducted interviews with these fascinating subjects. Listen in to learn how we’ve shifted our aim as we’ve learned from these interviews and how we’re loving finding our people.  



Season 1 Episode 10

Learn which business tools help run Nongirly.com! We take a look at  platforms,  websites, and software for marketing, merchandise automation, organization, design, content creation, and podcast management so that you can hear what works for us and what’s worth the $$
Thanks for tuning in. To learn more about Nongirly check out: nongirly.com 
Design Tools



Season 1 Episode 9

In today’s episode of Nongirly the Startup, Reva and Nicole address the negative comments they’ve received on social media and discuss the pros and cons of controversy. Reva compares this recent experience with how she handled customer service in the food industry and talks best practices for keeping customers happy. They also announce Nongirly News and talk about big plans for developing future content.



Season 1 Episode 8

In today’s episode, Reva and Nicole bring on social media manager Cassy Carlton to help them understand how social media marketing works and the best practices for finding your business’s target audience. They discuss strategies for managing multiple social media accounts as well as the difficulties that come along with building followership, choosing the right platform for your business, cancel culture, and more.


Season 1 Episode 7

In today’s episode, Reva and Nicole talk about their decision to alter the course of their content creation, how they both knew it was the right decision, and why figuring out your brand voice is so important. They also discuss Pinterest, some social media influencers they feel represent Nongirly, and update the audience on some recent milestones of the business.


Season 1 Episode 6

Today Reva and Nicole catching us up on the Nongirly launch! Fresh from a photo shoot of happy-looking, non-posed girls, they are so excited about what they are building! But, managing the logistics for selling merchandise online is a big deal. Listen in to hear how to navigate WordPress and Facebook sales.


Season 1 Episode 5

Behind the scenes of a start-up isn’t very glamorous. Reva and Nicole have been up to their eyeballs in data entry, content creation, and marketing. And, marketing by itself is a full-time job. So, how is Nongirly coming along? Well, at the time of this recording they are 1/3 the way into 2021 and 1/3 of the way through the $100,000! So far, so good!




Season 1 Episode 4

OK back to business! In today’s episode, Reva and Nicole talk pros and cons of drop shipping. Nongirly is using Printful to produce their products as they are ordered. Listen in as they chat about product testing, designing samples, and how interesting it was to consult focus groups to see which designs have broad appeal.



Season 1 Episode 3

Fara Howard, CMO of GoDaddy joins us today to talk about leading a successful career and the state of entrepreneurship and solopreneurship. Reva and Fara met when they worked at Dell. And now at GoDaddy, Fara works toward the goal to help entrepreneurs have all that they need to be successful digitally. And, she’s crafting the narrative and brand archetype to represent that.


Season 1 Episode 2

Let’s deep dive into building a brand. Today Reva and Nicole share their experience working with Bee Local to create the concept and logo of Nongirly.
Nongirly is: non-conforming, unique, accepting, selectively feminine, playful, radiant, engaging, pioneering, comfortable, brave, assertive but nice
Nongirly spotlights small businesses that do provide non-feminine clothing and gifts for girls because these companies don’t get a lot of attention and because our young girls want to see and wear their interests, too!


Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to Nongirly the start-up! Nongirly offers clothing and gifts to girls of all interests! A little less pink and a little more… dinosaurs, skating, and spaceships. Here’s what you can expect from Nongirly: You’ll get a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes of a start-up. Reva has $100,000 to invest in getting Nongirly off the ground! She is joined by Nicole Bolar and the two are navigating all things online business, finances, branding, licensing, product design, and content creation. You’ll hear honest conversations between Reva, who is 49, and Nicole who is 22. As you’d imagine Reva and Nicole have wildly different perspectives on many current issues, but they hear each other out and find common ground.

Meet the Podcast Team​

Reva Enzminger
Founder | CEO
"Defying the status quo since I was 4 years old."
Nicole Bolar
Best 1st Employee Ever | Content Manager
"I may be short, but I make up for it with big dreams.”

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