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Talk Down To Me

Follow two NONGIRLY women with a 30 year age gap as they start a business and talk about things that matter. With the goal of acceptance in mind, Reva and Nicole must talk through some of the most relevant issues facing women today to transform their new startup NONGIRLY into a success. NONGIRLY’s mission is to build a community in which uniqueness is celebrated by setting girls free from being all the things girls they are "supposed" to be so that they can just be themselves. Follow the journey as Reva and Nicole discuss the ins and outs of business, relationships, life challenges, stereotypes, and more, and watch NONGIRLY become a success or a successful failure. Nicole is a 22 y/o college graduate from UT Austin with a degree in Communication and Leadership. Reva is a soon to be 50 y/o non-recent graduate of UT Austin who left her 10 year corporate job at Dell to become a successful franchisee for Edible Arrangements. In 2020 she sold her last of 7 franchises (after 15 years) and in 2021 started NONGIRLY.
Founded in Austin, Texas







Meet the Podcast Team​

Reva Enzminger
Founder | CEO
"Defying the status quo since I was 4 years old."
Nicole Bolar
Best 1st Employee Ever | COO
"I may be short, but I make up for it with big dreams.”

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