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2 in 1 Grow With Me Batting Tee

2-IN-1 BASEBALL TEE easily converts in seconds! Specifically designed to offer a 2-step process that truly trains kids as they grow!

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The Franklin Sports Future Champs MLB 2-in-1 Grow-with-Me Baseball Tee is specially designed for first-time athletes learning to play baseball. The set is engineered to offer a 2-step process to truly train kids as they grow. Kids start with the beginner Hanging Tee design, and eventually work their way up to the Traditional Tee Trainer. The set can easily be converted in seconds! The hanging tee features shorter height adjustments (18″ – 26″) for first-time players. Just take a baseball & fasten it to the bottom of the red arm. When ready, keep your eye on the ball & swing away! Young athletes are sure to improve hand-eye coordination skills as they play. Once confidence is gained, the hanging arm can be removed and replaced with the traditional tee topper. This style tee features taller height adjustments (25” – 36”) so young players can truly learn as they grow! The set comes complete with a 21” plastic baseball bat & 4 baseballs with self-stick covers to get the game started! Start helping your young slugger learn the game today with the MLB Play Ball Grow-with-Me Batting Tee!

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