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Book: Tennis Fitness for the Love of it


In any sport, players put their body through a lot of stress in order to play better, harder, and faster and unfortunately that can lead to injuries. That’s why we recommend this book by Suzanna McGee, M.S. to give young players guidance on how to navigate the sport safely without sacrificing gains along the way.

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It is possible to play pain-free tennis for the rest of your life. One of the prerequisites is improving your fitness. However, it is not just any fitness. It needs to be mindful, purposeful, and perfectly suited for you. Nobody can tell you what is perfectly suited for you, only your body can. Listen to it because it will ask for what it needs. In your pursuit for maximum fitness and tennis performance, you need to be aware, patient, and disciplined. Carry this little book with you always and reread the chapters often.

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