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Build A Beast – Shark


Build, mold, and bring to life a big, ferocious shark!
Start by snapping together the skeleton pieces and filling in the bones with a base layer of clay. The punch tool makes it easy to create scaley textures while the detailed instructions help you mold the eyes, teeth, and plenty of fascinating details.
Finally, it’s time to dive into an adventure! – Kids can’t help but gasp with wonder as they watch the shark’s body swish back and forth like it’s really swimming!


An ocean of creative excitement awaits with the Build A Beast Shark.

Build A Beast – Shark
Kit for building an articulated clay shark
Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, imaginative play
Fill the skeleton with clay, then add creative details
Instructions make crafting easy yet leave room for customization
Features STEAM guide with fun shark facts
Shark body swishes like it’s really swimming!
Includes 3 bags of 1-ounce Model Magic, 2 bags of 5-ounce Model Magic, body frame skeleton, press tool
Illustrated instructions included
Safe and nontoxic
High-quality materials – Exceptional craft-and-play experience

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