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Glow Fort Building Kit

The glow rods have a luminescent coating that must be charged by a strong light source. For the best vibrant glow lay them in direct sunlight or under an incandescent lamp for 15 minutes. Includes 45 connector balls, 75 glow rods, one carry bag, and one instruction sheet. Easy-to-connect balls and glow rods will give your child a multitude of shapes to create. Use a sheet to cover your fort for hours of fun!

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  • ENTERTAIN MULTIPLE CHILDREN AT ONCE- Can be used for one child by themselves or you can delight multiple children for a birthday party or sleepover. Toys for kids are often shared and can help children to develop teamwork skills. Our glow in the dark learning toys will allow our child to build. This one of the most special 4-11 year old boy gifts (and girls) that can be shared with all their friends.
  • KIDS TOYS WILL MAKE GREAT MEMORIES-Remember when you were young and made forts with the couch cushions? You would have had endless entertainment if your sports & outdoor play toys could glow in the dark. Parents choose toys for 4-11 year old boys and girls to occupy their time and make their childhood special.
  • LONG LASTING QUALITY- Safety and Quality are of paramount importance to us. Toys for 4-11 year old boys and girls must be safe. The components are constructed with high quality, non-toxic plastic that will provide long lasting durability.

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