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Lottie Doll Wildlife Photographer Doll


For girls who want a similar doll to barbie minus the dresses and heels, check out this Wildlife Photographer doll from Lottie! She’ll capture all the best critters, insects, and wild beasts with her camera and be a great friend to go on adventures with! We love Lottie dolls because either inspired by real girls!

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DOLL WITH COCHLEAR IMPLANT wearing red rain jacket, cute ladybird t-shirt, jeans & red rain boots.
DOLL WITH DARK BROWN HAIR has brown eyes and dark skin, too. Complete with doll-sized camera!
TOYS FOR GIRLS & BOYS, so much more than princess fashionistas. Fall in love with Lottie Dolls!
LOTTIE DOLLS are small 7 inch dolls, making them the perfect size for little kids’ hands. So cute!
AWARD-WINNING TOYS for girls & boys, promoting diversity & activity. From campaigners to STEM dolls

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