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MEET LILI: Real Girl, Real Gift Ideas

by Nongirly

What Gifts for Girls Would a True Nongirly Kid Recommend?

Lili is a cool 6th grade girl who is totally into all things NonGirly! To name just a few, she loves building Legos, playing swords, beating video games, reading science comics, and rollerblading with her friends! And we can’t forget her funky blue and green hair! We had so much fun talking to her about all of her favorite toys and learning a little more about what makes Lili AWESOME. Knowing her has helped us to understand what are the best gifts for girls that are as NonGirly as Lili. 

Not only did Lili start a petition at her school to allow girls to play football, but she also plays roller derby – a fast paced, contact sport that requires speed, coordination, strategy and teamwork! She can talk endlessly about her favorite comic books but you can also find her at cheer practice after school, working on her routines for her’s middle schools football games.

These are only a few of the great things she loves and we hope you love them too!

Lili’s Top Recommendations on the Best Gifts for Girls this Christmas

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